We recently found two companies named VP Markets Global Ltd. (“VP Markets”) and Asia Pacific Futures Investment Limited (“Asia Pacific”) have misappropriated our corporate office address at 1123 Leslie Street, North York, ON M3C 2K5 Canada. We would like to inform you that these two companies are not affiliated in any way with OTT Financial Canada Inc. nor affiliated with any other OTT entity. Click.

Update: June 23, 2021
On June 22, 2021 a hearing was held at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice between OTT (Applicant) vs VP Markets Global Inc. (“VP Markets”) and Asia Pacific Futures Investment Limited (“Asia Pacific”) (Respondents).
The final decision of the hearing was decided in favor of OTT whereas both respondents - VP Markets and Asia Pacific deceptively, falsely, and improperly used OTT address without OTT’s authorization or consent.
Please refer to attached the Ontario Superior Court of Justice Decisions below on the final decision. Judgment I Judgment II
If you feel that you may be a victim of Fraud by either VP Markets and/or Asia Pacific, please contact your local police to file a report.


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