CFDs trade on margin. Before placing a trade, find out if you have sufficient margin available to meet the margin required by the CFD instrument. After the trade is opened, you are responsible for constantly monitoring your account margin status.
Pre-trade Margin Requirement
Review pre-trade margin requirement from the Trading Conditions and Trade Ticket windows –
1. The Trading Conditions window of each CFD instrument displays the margin % required.
2. The Trade Ticket window displays the margin impact of the requested trade expressed in the account currency.
Post-trade Account Margin Status
Monitor post-trade account margin status from the Positions & Orders and Account Details windows、
a) Cash available: The current funds in your account before adjusting for value of positions.
b) Value of positions: The marked to market change in the value of open positions.
c) Account value: The current value of the account, combining cash available, value of positions, and transactions not yet booked.
d) Margin: The current margin reserved for open positions.
e) Margin available: The current funds in your account available for meeting the margin requirement of new trades; equal to account value minus the current margin reserved for open positions.
f) Margin utilization: The percentage of account value being used to meet the current margin reserved for open positions.
1. A summary of important account and margin data can be found at the bottom of the Positions & Orders window on your trading screen:
2. Click on the i for the Account Details window to display account and margin details.
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