Cash Deposit & Withdrawal

Method Action Currency Time to Arrive Steps
Wire* Deposit/Withdrawal Multi Currency Approximately 1-4 business days (1) Deposit: Client Portal Funds Transfer page will show you the instructions to initiate a wire deposit according to different currencies. You must contact your bank and include your account name and number when completing the wire transfer at your bank.

(2) Withdrawal: Please log into your Client Portal->Funds Transfer page to initiate the withdrawal by Wire Transfer.

Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT)** Deposit/Withdrawal CAD/USD Approximately 1-4 business days (1) Deposit: If have not connected your bank account with your OTT brokerage account, you will be required to log into the Client Portal-> Fund Transfer page to enter your bank’s three-digit institution number, five-digit bank transit number and your bank account number. Two credit amounts will be sent to your bank account and must be entered as confirmation to connect your bank account. You can initiate your deposit request from your Client Portal anytime after the connection has established.

(2) Withdrawal: Please log into your Client Portal->Funds Transfer page to initiate the withdrawal by EFT.

Bill Payment *** Deposit Only CAD Only Approximately 1-3 business days Submit your bill payment on your bank’s online banking service by adding “Interactive Brokers Canada Inc” as a payee. The account # is your OTT Trading account # (U*******).


* Withdrawal Hold Period is three business days (you may withdraw funds after three business days). A wire cannot be internally transferred during the three-day hold period.

** Funds may be withdrawn after the four day credit hold. If funds are withdrawn to a bank other than the originating instruction, a 60-business-day withdrawal hold period will be applied. EFT deposits are limited to USD equivalent $100,000 over seven business days. There is a USD equivalent $20,000 limit on EFT deposits for customers without a security device. This limit applies to the first EFT deposit only. No additional EFT deposits will be allowed without a security device.

*** You may withdraw your funds after three business days.

Please Note:

  1. OTT allows one free withdrawal request per calendar month. After the first withdrawal (of any kind), we will charge the fees listed below for any subsequent withdrawal, please click here for more information.
  2. Large withdrawal requests are subject to additional Compliance verification procedures, which may include a telephone call back to the customer