Open a New Trading Account



在活动期间,客户在OTT Financial Canada Inc.开设新的交易账户,便有机会获得最高$300加币的赠金。


Terms & Conditions

1. There is a limit of one Welcome Bonus per client.

2. The Welcome Bonus will consist of a commission rebate equal to the total commission charges paid in the client’s trading account, if any, during the three-month period immediately following the opening of the account (the “Qualifying Period”), up to a maximum of $300 CDN. For details on OTT Financial Canada Inc.’s commission charges, please visit ottfx.com/pricing/

3. A client and their new trading account will only be eligible for the Welcome Bonus if: a. The new trading account is opened between November 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 (the “Promotional Period”); b. A minimum deposit of $10,000 CDN is made into the new trading account during the Qualifying Period; and c. OTT Financial Canada Inc.’s Carrying Broker, Interactive Brokers, does not already hold one or more accounts under the same Taxpayer ID (Social Insurance Number or Business Number, as applicable) used to open the new trading account.

4. The Welcome Bonus, if any, will be paid out in Canadian dollars. In calculating the Welcome Bonus, all foreign currency trading commissions paid during the Qualifying Period will be converted into Canadian dollars based on the conversion rate at the time of the trade.

5. The Welcome Bonus, if any, will be calculated and credited to eligible new trading accounts up to 30 days following the conclusion of the Qualifying Period.

6. A Qualifying Period may fall outside of the Promotional Period.

7. OTT reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to extend the Promotional Period. In case of such extension, these Terms & Conditions shall be updated accordingly.